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Allah the Almighty has blessed the humanity with such personalities who have dedicated their lives to guide the mankind to the straight path which they had forgotten. All the Prophets of Allah had performed the same duty of guiding the humanity to the way of salvation. Our Beloved Prophet ﷺ is the last and final messenger of Allah and after him this noble task has been assigned to the Scholars/Ulama of this Ummah. Beloved Prophet ﷺ declared the scholars as his heirs and the heirs of all Messengers. Among these intellectual heirs of Rasool Ullah ﷺ is the name of a great personality who almost created a revolution in the society by his books, speeches and Tv programmes, the great scholar and cleric of the present era, Ustaz ul Ulama Allama Mufti Muhammad Akmal Madani.
Mufti Muhammad Akmal Madani

Birth and Early life 

A boy was born on Sunday 5th of May 1968 C.E (8th of Safar 1388 A.H) in Karachi, the famous city of Pakistan. He received contemporary education in Karachi and completed Chemical Engineering. Who was aware that this boy would grow into a great Islamic scholar and Mufti of his time and would be known to the world as Mufti Muhammad Akmal Madani.  

Religious Education 

In the beginning he served in the preaching activities and establish himself as a successful preacher(Mubaligh) then turned his focus towards the traditional Islamic education i.e. Dars-e- Nizami (Islamic Scholar Course) due to its significance and need of well-versed Islamic intellectuals. For this noble cause he at first studied under the supervision of Ustazul Ulama Mufti Ilyaas Razawi, Principal Nadra-tul-Uloom (may Allah preserve him). Then to fulfill his thirst of knowledge, he left his home-town Karachi for Lahore. He got enrolled in the prestigious Islamic institution Jamia Nizamia Razawiyya, Lahore and spent seven years in acquiring traditional Islamic education (Dars-e-Nizami) under the supervision of great scholars,clerics and intellectuals of Islam. 

His teachers include: 
  • Mufti-e-Azam Pakistan Mufti Muhammad Abdul Qayyum Hazarvi (may Allah be pleased with him) 
  • Hazrat Allama Abdul Hakeem Sharf Qadri (may Allah be pleased with him) 
  • Mufti Ishfaq Ahmad Razavi  (may Allah preserve him)
  •  Mawlana Muhmmad Siddique Hazarvi  (may Allah preserve him)
  •  Mawlana Abdul Sattar Saeedi (may Allah preserve him)
  •  Mufti Gul Ahmad Ateequi (may Allah preserve him)
  •  Mawlana Khadim Hussain Razavi (may Allah preserve him)
  •  Mawlana Abdul Rasheed Naqshbandi (may Allah be pleased with him) 
  • Mawlana Abdul Hameed Chisti (may Allah preserve him)
  •  Mawlana Abdul Raheem Razawi (may Allah be pleased with him)

Intellectual Skills

  Simultaneously, under the observation Mufti e Azam Pakistan Mufti Muhammad Abdul Qayyum Hazarvi (may Allah be pleased with him) received the training of writing Fatwa (Legal Islamic Verdict) and also received written Ijazah (permission) of issuing Fatwa. It is the unique virtue of Mufti sahab that Mufti Abdul Qayyum Hazarvi (may Allah be pleased with him) awarded him permission of Ifta in black and white otherwise he had never given Ijazah in written form to any one else. 

He minutely observed the lack of qualified, well-versed and nurturing teachers in the field of religious education. His own education was not completed yet when he himself started teaching not only to improve his own teaching skills but to produce Islamic intellectuals and teachers. He had numerous students at that time too, who are now serving the religion at various places.

Mufti Muhammad Akmal Sahab beside of being well-versed intellectual, is a devoted and skilful teacher, having command at teaching all the disciplines of classical Islamic learning like Sarf, Nahaw, Mantiq, Balaghat, Fiqh, Usul-e-Fiqh, Hadith,Tafsir etc.

He is one of those fortunate personalities whom Allah has not only blessed with extra ordinary attributes and expertise but also bestowed him the ability to make use of them. His skills had been revealed to him quite early. His education has not yet completed, when he compiled his first book, named Ba-Arbaeen- e Razawi (باربعین رضوی), a collection of 40 Hadiths. Mufti Sahab is a skilled author and so far has authored numerous book on various topics, which include the books that are being taught as the text books of Dars e Nizami. 


Among his intellectual works are :

  • Metha Zeher 
  • Qabil e Rashk Khawateen
  • Ehsas e Ni'mat 
  • Uyoob o Naqais ki pehchan 
  • Najasatoon ki Pehchan 
  • Rahnuma e Kamil 
  • Kiya App ko Maloom hai
  • Bara Bhai
  • Shaitani Chakkar
  • Aql ka Dushman
  • Islahi Bayanat  
  • Sarkar ﷺ ke Qaflay
  • Batini Gunah Aur Unka Elaj 
  • Other books which are either taught in the syallabus of Dars e Nizami or are useful for Darse Nizami students include:

    • Hidatul Sarf  (Urdu)
    • Al Nahv ul Kabir  (Urdu)
    • Al Tarkeeb (Urdu)
    • Khazaanah al Nahw Sharh Hidaayah al Nahv (Arabic)
    • Al Iytaah Sharh Nur al Iydaah (Arabic)
    • Nawaadir al Hawaashi Sharh Usul al Shaashi (Arabic)
    • Al Mamba’ al Nuri Sharh Mukhtasar al Quduri (Arabic)
    • Al Naafiah Sharh al Kaafiyah (Arabic)
    • Currently Mufti Sahab is working on several books which In Sha'Allah will be in the hands of the readers in near future. May Allah give barakah in his pen and help him in fulfilling his intentions.

      Fatwa Writing

      Fatawa (Islamic legal verdicts) writing is another dimension of his personality. He has issued several thousands of fatawa uptill now and the responses on emails are uncountable. So far he has trained many of his student in writing fatwa, who are now serving as Muftis. 

      Electronic Media

    • He appeared on electronic media for the first time in Ramadan 2004 in the transmission of Sahri, known as Sahri Time and since then thousand of programmes have been presented by him.

      Then he was asked to present the famous series, Ahkam-e-Shariyat. Since then more than one thousand programmes of this series have been telecast. Ahkam e shariyat is a unique TV Programme in the history of electronic media in which Islamic knowledge upon every topic is presented. Simultaneously, anwers to the randomly asked questions are also given.

      He has completed the commentary/tafsir of Holy Quran in another series of programmes named Tadabur-e-Quran. Beside these a number of other programmes like Al Furqan, Al Hadi and Sharah Sahih Bukhari are on his credit.

    • Al Furqan Scholars Academy

      Currently Mufti Muhammad Akmal Sahab is working as the director of Al Furqan Scholars Academy, Karachi. The institution was established by Mufti Akmal sahab himself to produce scholars of the this generation. Beside this he is imparting Islamic Knowledge through his Books and Tv Programmes. 

      May Allah preserve him and give barakah in his knowledge, deeds, actions, health and leadership.


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